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Build your birth team


With well over 200 supported birth journeys and

postpartum care, you can rest assured knowing

your family is in good hands with me.




Happy Hannah Doula - What is a Doula?


Providing you with evidence-based resources and local referrals to support your unique needs.

Happy Hannah Doula - What is a Doula?


Ensuring you and your partner are cared for during labor and in your immediate postpartum.

Happy Hannah Doula - Ventura Doula Birthing and Postpartum


Holding space for you and your birth wishes, fears, hesitations, and visions for your birth and postpartum journey

Happy Hannah Doula - What is a Doula?


Encouraging informed consent each step of the way for an empowered birth and
postpartum journey. 

Happy Hannah Doula - What is a Doula?


Offering hands on labor support and suggestions to encourage optimal labor positioning

Happy Hannah Doula - What is a Doula?

Partner / Family

Empowering your partner to be your number one supporter and ensuring your whole family feels held and heard. 


Prenatal & Birth Doula

"The whole point of woman-centered birth is the knowledge that a woman is the birth power source. She may need, and deserve, help, but in essence, she always had, currently has, and will have the power.”
-Heather McCue

As your Birth Doula my role is to support you and your whole family as you journey toward welcoming your little one. Your birth is not about me and I will support your choices and provide you with unbiased and evidence based resources.


As your Birth Doula you can anticipate:

  • At least 2 prenatal appointments where we will discuss your ideal birth wishes, cover basic Childbirth Education, outline your postpartum plan, and build a relationship with one another

  • Access to me via text/FaceTime/zoom to answer any questions you might have or to point you in a helpful direction

  • On-Call support beginning at 38 weeks

  • Hands on labor support

  • Two postpartum visits to debrief your birth experience, answer questions, and to provide tangible help as you heal and bond with your little one



Package Price of $2,100

Prenatal & Birth Doula.png

Postpartum Doula

 ⁣"So, it’s the mother who needs your love.⁣ ⁣And a mother will remember who held her up.⁣"
-Danielle Sherman-Lazar

Postpartum Doula

As your Postpartum Doula my role is to support you and your whole family as you bond with your little one and heal from birth. I am here to help you transition by providing helpful non judgmental care.


No two families are alike, but with postpartum support I will provide:

  • Basic Breastfeeding Support
  • Light housework, Light cooking of nourishing meals and snacks

  • Time to sleep and recover from birth

  • Assistance with soothing your new infant

  • Non medical recommendations, referrals, and support


  • Daytime postpartum is $35 an hour with a 3 hour minimum per session

  • Overnight postpartum support is available from 9pm-6am for $45 per hour

New Parent Educator


There are places in the heart you don’t even know
exist until you love a child." - Anne Lamott

Start your parenting journey in a place of empowerment with a private New Parent Education Class

  • Choose your focus with topics including: 

    • Preparing Your Home for Baby with home walk through and suggestions 

    • Car Seat Safety 

    • Bathing Baby 

    • Diapering Baby 

    • Clothing and Swaddling Baby 

    • Soothing Baby 

    • Babywearing 

    • Understanding Baby's Cues 

    • Establishing a Postpartum Plan 

    • Anticipating and Understanding Postpartum Moods for Both Partners

    • Introducing Your Baby to Your Pet Safely and many more topics of interest!

    • Birth Wishes Consult One on One consult to walk through your birth wishes and to help you identify the values you want to most honor as you welcome your little one.

     3 hour private and personalized session in person and in your home or over Zoom
     (includes virtual access to me following your session) 

  • Investment:
    Package Price of $300

Happy Hannah Doula - New Parent Educator
  • What exactly is a Doula?
    Great question! As a Doula I provide one-on-one care, as well as information, physical support, referrals, resources and emotional support during pregnancy.
  • I am planning a medicated birth, can I still have a Doula?
    Yes! Doulas are not just for unmedicated births. As your Doula I will help you navigate timing your epidural and then assist with positioning using resources from Spinning Babies and Bundle Birth to work with your body to encourage optimal birth positioning.
  • Will you replace my partner?
    No! I am here to support your partner as they support you. My goal is to empower the whole family and to make sure that you are held prenatally and beyond. Sometimes that is as simple as making sure you both are hydrated during labor and other times it's demonstrating laboring positions. Research has found that combining a supportive partner and a doula significantly lowers a mother’s risk of Cesarean compared to just having a supportive partner alone
  • When in my pregnancy should I contact you?
    When YOU are ready! I have had clients hire me as early as 10 weeks and as "late" as 39 weeks. I believe that building a relationship where you feel safe with me is one of the most important aspects of our work so ideally we have had time to build a relationship and prepare for your birth together.
  • Do you work on a sliding scale?
    Yes! If you are finding that the investment does not work for your family, I will work with you. I never want a family to miss out on support due to funding. We will make it work!
Newborn Baby

I am here to support you regardless of your




Let me hold your hand, wipe your tears and reassure

you as you start this beautiful journey.

I am not here to replace your partner, but rather become a
part of your birthing family.

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